Dr. James A. Radosevich Helps Ugandan Causes

Dr. James A. Radosevich, Professor, Department of Oral Medicine and Diagnostic Sciences, University of Illinois at Chicago College of Dentistry, is devoted to a good cause—helping the people of Uganda.

Over the past five years, Dr. Radosevich has provided the Uganda School for the Deaf with a variety of items, including a DVD player, a television, and about 50 DVDs with English subtitles.

“The older students read the subtitles and sign for the younger students,” Dr. Radosevich said. “According to the teachers, many of the students are now more motivated to improve their English and signing skills so that they can better keep up with the movies.”

During his first visit to the country, he discovered that medical and nursing personnel and students learned CPR on the job, so with the help of the American Red Cross and of the nursing school in Uganda, he shipped to Uganda 20 adult and ten children CPR mannequins. The nursing school in Uganda has set up a program to circulate the mannequins so that “about 4,000 medical personnel/students get annual CPR training,” he said.

Most people do not realize that there is a book famine that has been going on for decades in Africa. After his first trip to Uganda five years ago, Dr. Radosevich realized that he personally owns more books than five schools of higher education and about that many K-12 schools in Uganda. Now, he is hoping to obtain more books for Uganda.

“Most students in Uganda go through kindergarten through 12th grade without ever touching a book,” Dr. Radosevich said, noting that there is a lack of books in medical and nursing schools as well.

“I am hoping to put 22,000 books—medical, general education, and K-12—into Uganda,” he said.

Dr. Radosevich noted he is looking for tax deductible donations to the Books for Africa project, www.booksforafrica.org. (go to donate; Uganda; Jim Radosevich); new or used DVDs of movies and educational materials, and medically related PowerPoint lectures and course lectures; and tax deductible monetary donations to the Angels Outreach organization c/o Rachael Fitzpatrick, Radosevich Uganda Projects, 230 Aremis Blvd., Merritt Island, FL 32953.

The children at the School for the Deaf live at the school and it operates as an orphanage. The teachers live at the compound.

“Five years ago, their diet consisted of black tea for breakfast: just black tea–no sugar, no milk, no bread,” Dr. Radosevich explained. “At 10 a.m. they would get a cup of cornmeal porridge. At about 1 and 5 p.m., they would get a cup of rice and a cup of beans. No fruit. No vegetables. No meat, bread, dairy products, etc. This very poor diet is hard on developing young minds, and was very evident in their poor oral health.”

The last time he visited, “I took three gross of toothbrushes, and purchased toothpaste in Uganda because it’s too heavy to ship,” Dr. Radosevich said. “For the first time ever, all of the students and teachers got their teeth brushed, their own toothbrush, and toothpaste.”

“Through Angels Outreach, $20 buys a laying hen, and $400 buys a milking cow,” Dr. Radosevich said. “So any help makes a big difference.” He is hoping to raise enough to continue the garden project (seeds, $100) and purchase new toothbrushes (three gross @ $100) and toothpaste (one year; 220 kids; locally purchased $300). He also is hoping to raise $1,600 to be able to provide a chewable multivitamin every day for every child for a year.

For more information, call Dr. Radosevich at (815) 494-9254 (cell) or email him at jrados@uic.edu