UIC Student Helps Bring Clean Water to Flint, MI

University of Illinois at Chicago College of Dentistry Student Uvoh Onoriobe, a second-year student in the DMD Advanced Standing program, spent several weeks in February and March organizing free water distribution in Flint, MI.

“I take water to local groups in Flint and help in the distribution,” he said. “I do this through the auspices of Healing Hands Inc., a non-profit group I founded in 2008.” Healing Hands is a faith-based organization that helps provide dental and medical care throughout the world. It is based in Raleigh, NC, and Lagos, Nigeria. For more about Healing Hands, go to www.hhands.org.

Onoriobe formerly lived in nearby Plymouth, MI.

“For many years I have responded to crises in other countries,” he explained. “One hour from my home town a looming crisis exists. High levels of lead have been found in kids after the city switched water sources. The water is no longer safe to drink or cook with. This is a serious crisis, especially amongst the underserved. Many inhabitants in Flint live at the poverty line or below.”

Healing Hands is working with a local Pentecostal church, RCCG Flint, to distribute the water and water filters to needy families in Flint.
The group plans to distribute a total of 50,000 bottles, and is “facilitating blood tests for many who have not been able to check if lead is in their system,” he said.

Onoriobe noted that Healing Hands’ activities “serve as instruments with which we show Christ’s love to the hurting.”
For those who want to support Onoriobe in his work, a GoFundMe account is available at https://www.gofundme.com/qarae4.